Lausanne shine at home on Day 1 at 3x3 World Tour Lausanne Masters

Lausanne (Switzerland) - Lausanne (SUI) caught fire on Day 1 of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Lausanne Masters on August 19, going unbeaten as they now push to make history at home.


Maybe it was the support of the crowd, but Lausanne came out swinging on Day 1! 

They picked up a dominant win against Düsseldorf (GER) 21 - 12 off the back off a 10-point game from Marco Lehmann. He put up an 8-point display in a stellar display by the Swiss side as they beat recent Sukhbaatar Challenger winners in Antwerp TOPdesk (BEL). Huge contributions from Gilles Martin and Westher Molteni proved to be key to the team’s success. 

Lausanne made a strong statement, set on upending Ub Huishan NE (SRB) who have been unstoppable, winning every Masters so far this season. 

The Serbs went undefeated on opening day as well along with Versailles (FRA).


The aforementioned wizard Gilles Martin went DEEP into his bag for the home crowd. From behind-the-back passes to ankle-breakers, we really got it all from the hometown showman. 

He put up a total of 10 points over the two games, but more importantly he ran the game for the Swiss side and was crucial to the results. 

Antoine Eito for the unbeaten Versaille side was undoubtedly the most valuable player that took to the court today, going off for 21 points and amassed a total of 6 rebounds.


Ub Huishan NE (SRB) - Miami (USA)
Lausanne (SUI) - Sant Feliu (ESP)
Liman Huishan NE (SRB) - Antwerp TOPdesk (BEL)
Versailles (FRA) - Marijampole Mantinga (LTU)


- Antoine Eito finished as top scorer with 21 points and a Player Value score of 22.6.

- Strahinja Stojacic finished with a whopping 15 highlights.

- Henry Caruso dominated the paint as he picked up 16 rebounds.

- Lausanne only conceded 15 points on Day 1.

- Stojacic was dropping dimes all day, dishing out 8 key assists over the two games.

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