Best stats of FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2022

MIES (Switzerland) - There were plenty of crazy stats in the greatest ever FIBA 3x3 World Tour season and let's find some of the best in 2022. 

Top player value in a game: Arvin Slagter (20.7) - Amsterdam HiPRO v Jeddah; Cebu Masters

This Dutch sniper slaughtered opponents in Cebu and none more than against Jeddah, where he scored an insane 16 points, including a crazy 7 of 10 from 2.

A three-man Amsterdam needed every bucket as they outlasted Jeddah 22-19 through the heroics of Slagter, who performed an in-game shoot out contest.

His scorching hot shooting almost turned the nets into flames and incredibly he didn't get tired despite having to play every second of the game with Amsterdam playing without a sub. 

It's simply one of the greatest shooting performances ever seen on the World Tour and cements Slagter's reputation as one of the best sharpshooters in 3x3. 


Most points in a game: Stefan Stojacic (17) - Vienna v Kaohsiung, Hong Kong Masters 

Stefan Stojacic's ridiculous comeback for the ages had many memorable moments most notably at the Paris Masters, where he won MVP after scoring 50 points to lead Vienna to their first ever World Tour title. 

But his masterpiece was in Hong Kong, where he  had a staggering 17-point scoring binge against Kaohsiung. Stojacic was hitting twos like they were free throws with an insane 6 of 10 from beyond the arc in the highest individual scoring performance of the season.

The lights out performance was also the second best player value (20) on this season's World Tour as Stojacic put on a show to prove that 'Mr Robot' was rewired. 

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Most dunks: Strahinja Stojacic (20)

The No.1 ranked player led the World Tour in many categories, including dunks with 'Doctor Strange' probably also needing to be nicknamed 'Doctor Slammer Jammer'.

He finished top with 20 dunks, which meant he threw down a jam every second game. 

It should be no surprise that Stojacic was the No.1 dunker because he attacked the rim furiously to also finish on top of drives with a massive 92 - way ahead of second-placed Stefan Stojacic with 48.

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Most buzzer beaters: Thibaut Vervoort (4)

Who is the coldest person in the clutch? It's Thibaut Vervoort who is absolutely must see tv when the game is on the line.

No other player had more than two Maurice Lacroix buzzer beaters but this Belgian was a bad man when it mattered most to have four of them on the World Tour 2022. 

Vervoort had two Maurice Lacroix buzzer beaters during his MVP run at the Debrecen Masters to lead Antwerp to their first ever triumph on the World Tour.

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Best winning %: Ub Huishan NE (82.9%)

It's no surprise these spectacular Serbs  finished with the best winning record on the World Tour after winning the first four Masters in 2022 before taking out the showpiece Abu Dhabi Final

Ub won an amazing 34 of 41 games on the World Tour to finish with the best percentage ahead of Riga (77.8%) and Vienna (72.4%). 


Fastest game: Riga v  Lusail DAS, Riyadh Masters  (4'55")

Riga were in the midst of a purple patch at the Riyadh Masters as part of a 27-game winning streak. They were clicking on all cylinders and Lusail could do nothing to stop them in what proved to be the fastest game of World Tour 2022.

Incredibly, the Latvians only needed 1 point from superstar Nauris Miezis as his teammates picked up the slack with a collective heat check, as Riga nailed 7 two-pieces. 

If you blinked then you missed Riga's 22-9 beat down.


Longest game: Amsterdam HiPRO v Paris, Utrecht Masters (12'21")

This classic quarter-final in Utrecht was a heart-stopping contest that also doubled as the longest game on World Tour 2022. 

It was shot to shot throughout and went into OT, which felt longer than Avatar: The Way of Water

But hot shooting Franck Seguela proved the hero with an epic Maurice Lacroix buzzer beater from long range as Paris stunned Amsterdam. 



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