Best rookies of FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2022

MIES (Switzerland) - As we wait for the new FIBA 3x3 World Tour season to begin, let's look back to last year where a host of talented rookies made their mark. 

Here are the players who stole our attention in 2022 and will look to cement themselves as 3x3 superstars this year. 

Worthy de Jong (Utrecht)

In just a matter of months, this flying Dutchman established himself as a human highlight reel and box office entertainment every time he stepped onto the half-court. 

His bag is deep but you knew that already after watching his continual posters, filthy dimes and insane Maurice Lacroix buzzer beaters. 

He averaged a sick 7.1 ppg to establish himself as one of the best walking buckets in the business and you know de Jong is just getting started. 

If it wasn't obvious already, de Jong is most certainly worthy of your attention throughout 2023. 

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Quincy Diggs (Vienna)

You want a guy headed for 3x3 stardom? It might just be this 6ft. 6in (1.98m) athletic beast, who made a statement late last season. 

He was almost unstoppable at the Abu Dhabi Final, where he helped lead Vienna into the final. 

The dude can score anywhere on the half-court, so expect him to improve on his 5.3 ppg average from his brilliant debut season." 

Caspar Augustijnen & Dennis Donkor (Antwerp)

Antwerp were strengthened in 2022 by the inclusion of big fella Augustijnen and defensive specialist Donkor. 

They helped make Antwerp one of the deadliest teams on the World Tour with 6ft 8in (2.03m) Augustijnen, with Inspector Gadget arms,  a constant lob threat while he can also stretch the floor. 

Oh, and he's only 23. 

While Dennis the menace cemented himself as arguably the best perimeter defender on the World Tour with his length and energy causing headaches for opponents. 

But don't dismiss him with the ball because Donkor can drain buckets with ease when he's feeling it. 

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Marko Stevanovic (Belgrade Partizan)

This 6ft. 8in (2.03m) monster almost always stuffs the stats sheet and loves nothing more than a triple-five. 

His most impressive stat from last season might be recording 15 dunks in just 10 World Tour games!

You know the rims are going to rattle when this dude is in action, so circle the calendar when Belgrade are in action in 2023. 

Carlos Martinez (Lausanne Sport)

Did you know Carlos Martinez is a magician? Like, really, this dude is the second coming of David Blaine and can do things with a deck of cards you wouldn't believe. 

If he doesn't want to go down that path then that's a win for us because the 27-year-old is a very good 3x3 player as he showed in his debut World Tour season, where he averaged almost 5 ppg. 

The Spaniard proved he doesn't need to perform any tricks to put the Wilson into the hoop.

Modestas Kumpys (Sakiai Gulbele)

There are a lot of dope dunkers on this list and we can safely add this lethal Lithuanian. 

The 6ft. 4 in (1.94m) high-flyer brings x-factor to Sakiai's well-oiled machine and also the 'wow factor' through his dunking abilities. 

Kumpys is certainly not very modest when he's on the half-court. 

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Paul Djoko (Paris)

The 24-year-old might just be the next big thing in 3x3, where he constantly melted down social media faster than a Woj bomb.

The 24-year-old is all razzle-dazzle and his electric game is underpinned by being quicker than a Tik Tok video. 

He's not the tallest dude around at 6ft. 3in (1.9m) but Djoko has mad hops and can make a fool out of anyone trying to stop him at the rim. 

Djoko helped put Paris on the World Tour map in 2022 and he's now looking for silverware. 

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