Top players to watch at FIBA 3x3 Wuxi Masters 2023

WUXI (China) - There is no time to breathe because the show continues on the FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 with some of the best players on the planet gearing up for the Wuxi Masters on November 4-5. 

Here are the top players to watch. 

Strahinja Stojacic (Ub Huishan NE)

We just have to start with the best in the business. And we're confident he's going to hit top form after a bit of a lean patch by his ridiculously high standards. 

It's testament to the levels we're used to 'Doctor Strange' reaching that averaging 5.8 ppg in Abu Dhabi seems a little bit underwhelming. After all, this is a dude who had a trio of Masters MVPs faster than you can spell Ub. 

It's been almost three months since Ub Huishan NE celebrated success on the World Tour and they'll need Stojacic to be at his MVP best to get that winning feeling back.  

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Aurelijus Pukelis (Raudondvaris Hoptrans)

Any doubt over whether this lethal Lithuanian belonged in the top tier was extinguished when Pukelis walked off with the MVP after a mic drop at the Debrecen Masters

Out of players with more than 15 games this season, only Worthy de Jong, Jimmer Fredette and Steve Sir average more than Pukelis' 7.2 ppg.

The towering 6ft 9in (2.05m) scoring machine is almost a guaranteed bucket when he's inside the arc. If he starts feeling it from downtown then there is a strong chance Pukelis will be taking the crown in Wuxi.


Stefan Milivojevic (Partizan)

This gunslinger was firing on all cylinders in Abu Dhabi to finish with 33 points to inspire Partizan to a runners-up finish. 

This Serb sniper has been unconscious in his debut season and averaged 6.6 ppg on the World Tour to lift Partizan among the contending teams. He's been his team's go-to guy, especially in the clutch when Milivojevic turns ice-cold and freezes the half-court. 

If his radar is on target then Milivojevic might just nudge Partizan to go one step better in Wuxi.  

Dulguun Enkhbat (Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy)

No one deserved World Tour success more than Dulguun Enkhbat, who played a key role during Ulaanbaatar's historic title run in Shanghai.

Expect him to be satisfied? No way! This dude might have perfect hair that somehow always stays in place, but he's tough as nails who will always put his body on the line. 

Enkhbat loves nothing more than shutting down the world's best players and if he does that in Wuxi then Ulaanbaatar might just bring more cheer for their diehard 3x3 fans. 

Gilles Martin (Lausanne Sport LS)

Lausanne have never looked better and the conductor of this Swiss orchestra is Gilles Martin, who is an OG in delivering filthy plays. 

Many have tried to copy this speedy Swiss, but they usually fall short matching his creativity. But his jaw-dropping moves are so much more than just a highlight reel.

Martin's electric plays often inspire Lausanne and can change the momentum of a game. He's in total command right now as he sniffs a first-ever World Tour title for Lausanne. 

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Franck Seguela (Paris)

This Frenchman has found his best form on the World Tour. You know that because his average keeps rising - it's now 7.1 ppg but expect that to get higher after Wuxi. 

The 26-year-old is one of those dudes who seems born in a 3x3 lab because he has a deadly inside-outside game making him dripping wet all over the half-court. 

Despite his heroics, Paris have had limited success on this season's World Tour so he'll have to bring his A-Game to turnaround their form on the big stage. 

Don't bet against him.

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Evaldas Dziaugys (Marijampole Mantinga)

Marijampole are starting to emerge as another seriously strong Lithuanian team and that's largely due to scoring machine Evaldas Dziaugys, who averages 6 ppg on the World Tour. 

The talented 27-year-old showed glimpses of his outrageous skills in international competitions, Lausanne and on the pro circuit, but he's just getting started.

Dziaugys is out to take the World Tour by storm starting with Wuxi. 

Anand Ariunbold (Sansar MMC Energy)

'The Archer' is ready to take aim with Wuxi set to be his personal hunting ground. 

After a strong start to the season, Sansar MMC Energy have fallen away recently but they can get back on track in Wuxi.

To do that they will need their marksman to be deadly accurate and it feels like the stage is set for Ananad Ariunbold to go on a heater. 

Tomoya Ochiai (Saitama ALPHAS EXE)

This Japanese 3x3 legend always has a big smile on his face. It's easy to see why because for many years he's been having a ball on the half-court and is one of the greatest entertainers we've ever seen. 

We can't wait to see his latest magic trick as he aims to lead Saitama ALPHAS EXE on a giant-killing run in Wuxi.