Top 10 players to watch at FIBA 3x3 World Tour Abu Dhabi Masters 2023

ABU DHABI (UAE) - As we've entered the home stretch of this crazy World Tour season, some of the very best players in the world are itching to shine at the FIBA 3x3 Abu Dhabi Masters on October 28-29. 

Here are 10 players to watch. 

Strahinja Stojacic (Ub Huishan NE)

It's been a little strange seeing the man they call 'Doctor Strange' being somewhat subdued. The world's top player couldn't get going in Chengdu as mighty Ub Huishan NE fell in the quarters as their Masters drought extended to five events. 

Stojacic averaged just 5 ppg and 17% from 2 but you know that's not going to happen again. After all this dude has won three Masters MVPs this season and is No.1 for a reason. 

A determined Stojacic equals trouble for opponents in Abu Dhabi.

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Stefan Kojic (Liman Huishan NE)

Expect anyone else to have the Wilson in his hands with the title on the line?

Stefan Kojic cemented his status as one of the most clutch 3x3 players of all time after a Maurice Lacroix Buzzer Beater for the ages to lift Liman Huishan NE to their first Masters title in 2023. 

Kojic is an absolute sniper and will be feeling on top of the world heading into Abu Dhabi. If he finds himself in a similar situation, you just know Kojic will call game. 

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Jimmer Fredette (Miami)

The return of this collegiate legend and former NBA player will have you more hyped than watching Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour

He will be extra pumped after leading Team USA - who double as Miami - to the gold at the Pan American Games. 

Fredette's first season on the World Tour has been spectacular averaging a crazy 8 ppg - only walking bucket Worthy de Jong averages more for players who have played more than 15 games. 

Even crazier is that Fredette is shooting 47% from deep meaning 1 in every 2 shots results in a two-piece. It's little wonder 'Jimmer Mania' is sweeping the World Tour. 

Next stop - Abu Dhabi. 

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Nauris Miezis (Beijing)

Talk about flat out assassins and we just have to mention Nauris Miezis, who has hit some of the biggest daggers in 3x3 history. 

He's still on target, but on those rare occasions he's not Miezis can blow by defenders because he's got some of the nastiest handles ever seen. 

With sidekick Karlis Lasmanis not on board Flight KLM, Miezis will be the main superhero in Abu Dhabi but the rise of Songwei Zhu in Chengdu should provide valuable assistance. 

With more help, Miezis will be an even bigger threat as he eyes a first-ever Masters title with his new team. 

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Stefan Milivojevic (Partizan)

We're not done with the snipers because Stefan Milivojevic has been lights out all season and helped Partizan make a leap in 2023. 

He's only played three Masters events but made a splash with an average of 6.6 ppg and 34% from 2.

The Serb had his Masters coming out party in Amsterdam, but we've seen him have even bigger numbers on the pro circuit.

Abu Dhabi might be where he tastes the ultimate success on the World Tour for the first time. 

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Luis Cuascut (San Juan)

Let's get to a big fella and this Puerto Rican makes opponents look like kindergarten students in the paint. 

There might not be anyone who delivers chase down blocks better than this athletic beast. But he's not just a defensive player of the year candidate.

Cuascut can put up big scoring numbers and this two-way force will be something of a cyclone in Abu Dhabi. 

Gilles Martin (Lausanne Sport LS)

This Swiss Master might be shorter than Tom Cruise, but he can perform mission impossible on the half-court. 

We are always in awe of how the shortest guy in the game can stand tall when it matters most. Simply put, Gilles Martin has been defying the odds for years. 

He continues to produce magic tricks with the Wilson for in-form Lausanne Sport LS, who can sniff a first-ever Masters title. 

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James Parrott (Omaha)

It hasn't taken James Parrott long to make his presence felt on the World Tour. In just seven games, the scoring machine has averaged 7.4 ppg even though he hasn't quite got the radar right from deep. 

If he's money from downtown then there might not be anything that can stop 3x3's newest sensation with Parrott eyeing the crown and intent on delivering rising Omaha a historic Masters title. 

Malik Hluchoweckyj (Jeddah)

We haven't seen enough of Jeddah on this season's World Tour, but it's a chance to once again be mesmerized by the trippy skills of this American ace. 

He's flashy, confident and a fan favorite - so basically the ultimate human highlight reel. 

Hluchoweckyj just celebrated his 27th birthday and will want the ultimate present - an MVP and title wrapped together. 

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Marcus Hammonds (Manila Chooks)  

We saw this American light up Cebu with a devastating inside-outside combo to help Manila Chooks reach Day Two. 

With dynamo Mac Tallo missing, it will provide more opportunities for Hammonds to cook and if he leads fan favorite Manila to a giant-killing run then he'll instantly become a Filipino hero.