Kyle Montgomery's 3x3 awards for 2023

MIES (Switzerland) - Before we say adios to the craziest season ever, it's a  chance to reflect on the FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023.

And who better to look back on this epic season than Kyle Montgomery aka 'The Voice' of 3x3, who dishes out his annual awards.


 MVP: Strahinja Stojacic (Ub Huishan NE)

'The Voice' did contemplate former NBA player Jimmer Fredette and bucket getter Worthy de Jong who threw up record-breaking scoring numbers. 

But, ultimately, it just had to be top ranked Strahinja Stojacic aka 'Doctor Strange' who again made sure the World Tour was his multiverse after winning four MVPs and coming out on top of almost all of the stats categories. 

"It's not even an argument for me," Montgomery said. "He had an unprecedented season, his numbers are something we've never seen in 3x3 history.

"He led in every single major stats category. There is no one who plays the game like 'Doctor Strange'. He's truly a unique player. He wins MVP in back-to-back years and for me he's again top."

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Mr Clutch: Stefan Milivojevic (Partizan Mozzart)

There were many stone cold assassins, who were all cash in money time.  But one newcomer was stronger than the rest. 

"Got to go with 'The Gladiator'. He's got so many Maurice Lacroix buzzer beaters they should consider him a spokesman in the future," Montgomery said. 

"He has so much guts that he's never afraid to hit the big shots. This dude is the most clutch bucket getter. Give the man the ball and get out of the way when the buzzer is coming."

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Best defender: Damon Huffman (Princeton)/Luis Cuascut (San Juan)

It's not all about razzle dazzle in 3x3. Lockdown defenders are worth their weight in gold.

And 'The Voice' knows more than anyone that the half-court is split between the perimeter and paint. So he was tasked to find the best defender from both areas.  

"Damon Huffman is a tough man on the perimeter," Montgomery said. "If you ask players, they hate to see Huffman.

"Luis down blocks and protects the rim like nobody else."

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Best handles: Worthy de Jong (Amsterdam HiPRO)

You just knew Worthy de Jong was going to win an award - especially when it comes out to flat out entertaining. 

"He's got more handles than Amsterdam. Hype Worthy - this dude is a specialist with the rock like a geologist," Montgomery said. "I've seen him do moves that I didn't know were real moves. His euro step, crossover and quickness... he's a special player.

"I would never want to guard him because the only thing he has for you is embarrassment...just ask several players."


Rookie of the year: Antonio Ralat (San Juan)

The talent has never been so deep in 3x3 and every season new stars emerge. This year we had a whole bunch of young guns and no one shone more than Antonio Ralat, who turned a youthful San Juan into a force. 

He's the new hero for Puerto Rico - an OG 3x3 nation. 

"This dude came out of nowhere. He's a certified bucket getter," Ralat said. "He's reinvigorated San Juan, he's a star - the spoon that stirs them. They are a contender." 


Who got next: Hangzhou (CHN)

What was the biggest upset this season? Hangzhou stunned the world by winning the Constanta Masters in epic fashion with sharpshooter Vladimir Trajkovic announcing himself with an MVP. 

They might not have made the Jeddah Final, but should be in contention next season, according to Montgomery. 

"This team is a bunch of dogs. They are hungry, scrappy.... vicious," he said. "I like the entire collection of this team. I think next year they will be a contender on a regular basis.

"They are young and dangerous. They are on their way."


Best shooter: Jimmer Fredette (Miami)

We knew he would bring 'Jimmer Mania' to 3x3 and former NBA player Fredette did exactly that with a lights out shooting display never before seen on the World Tour. 

Fredette shot an insane 44% from 2. He shot at volume too and jacked up an average of 5 twos per game to earn himself the status as the deadliest marksman in 3x3.

"We've never seen anyone shoot with this frequency for this long," Montgomery said. "You have to deal with wind and elements - and he's still knocking it down at that rate.

Unbelievable...I've never seen a shooter like this. This dude has the best J since Beyonce."


Best in-game dunker: James Parrott (Omaha)

We saw the rims shake throughout the World Tour and no one did that with better frequency than newcomer James Parrott, who exploded with an insane 22 dunks from just 14 games! 

"This dude was flying above the rim every time I saw him," Montgomery said. "He just dunks on people. He's athletic, has a long frame and attacks the rim with aggression. I would not want to jump with this guy.

"Sometimes I call him 'Slim Reaper' because he catches so many bodies."


OG award: Gilles Martin (Lausanne Sport LS)

'The Voice' wanted to pay his respects to some of the dudes who have been putting on a show for years.

He was tempted to pick 3x3's greatest winner - Dejan Majstorovic - but decided to go with speedy Swiss Gilles Martin, who was a human highlight reel with his trippy moves. 

"The 'Swizard of Oz', the most exciting player along with Worthy (de Jong)," Montgomery said. "This dude has more highlights than Ballislife.

"He's so fun to watch, he's literally a wizard with the 3x3 ball in his hand."   



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