Who players think will win FIBA 3x3 World Tour Jeddah Final 2023

JEDDAH (Saudi Arabia) - We've conducted a players' poll on who they think will win the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Jeddah Final 2023 and the results are in.

There are a few surprises to reveal as the players have their say on the showpiece event of 2023.

Miami (16.9%)

It's probably not surprising to see the high-profile Americans at the top. No team was hotter late in the season and no one was deadlier from beyond the arc than Jimmer Fredette, who is closing in on being the game's best player.

Canyon Barry can match Fredette shot for shot, while Kareem Maddox remains the man in the middle. 

Almost 17% of players think Miami will become the first American team to win the World Tour Final. 

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Ub Huishan NE (14.1%)

How the mighty have fallen. Ok that's a stretch, but not long ago Ub would  have been the undisputed favorites. It actually still feels strange having Ub anything other than No.1 - a ranking they've had for such a long time.

But 14% of players are still backing the defending World Tour Final champs to rediscover their best. After all they have a trio of Masters MVPs in their line-up, including Strahinja Stojacic who remains the best in the business until someone takes his crown. 


Vienna/Paris (9.9%)

Maybe it's a surprise that almost 10% of players have Paris winning it all.

After all they have to get through the play-in, but Paris are more than capable having recently claimed their first ever Masters title on the back of an unstoppable performance from Franck Seguela. 

Perhaps less surprising they're at this lofty position is Vienna, who shrugged off a slow start to the season to really get rolling in the backend. 

Quincy Diggs, Nico Kaltenbrunner and Matthias Linortner are a three-headed monster that can absolutely lead Vienna to redemption after they fell agonizingly short in last season's World Tour Final.


Raudondvaris Hoptrans/Amsterdam HiPRO/Partizan Mozzart (8.5%)

The players just can't split these three powerful European teams, who all received 8.5% of the vote. And with good reason. They are all Masters winners in 2023 and boast superstars. 

The lethal Lithuanians have a double act of Aurelijus Pukelis and Marijus Uzupis, while you just know Modestas Kumpys will activate 'Flight Mode'. 

Partizan have gone up a level due to the emergence of sharpshooter Stefan Milivojevic, while Marko Stevanovic has won an MVP this season and isn't nearly done. 

Amsterdam are led by Worthy de Jong, who has put up video game numbers in the greatest scoring season in World Tour history. He will be saving his best for last. 


Antwerp TOPdesk/Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy (5.6%)

The Belgians and Mongolians have some support at 5.6%. Both are winners on this season's World Tour, so you know they are more than capable of going all the way. 

Antwerp are always consistent and have the best two-way player in the business in Dennis Donkor, who will do all he can to inspire his teammates. 

Ulaanbaatar also have their own defensive menace in Dulguun Enkhbat, who wants to help finish a momentous season for 3x3-crazy Mongolia. 

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Lausanne Sport LS (4.2%)

It would be quite something for the Swiss to win their first ever title on the World Tour at the biggest event of them all. But you wouldn't bet against it because Lausanne in 2023 have already clinched their first pro circuit title and recently shown far more consistency away from home. 

And there are 4.2% of players who are true believers that these entertaining Swiss players are the real deal. 


 Liman Huishan NE/San Juan/Beijing (2.8%)

It might be a little bit surprising to see powerhouse Liman Huishan NE  having only 2.8% of the vote having won this showpiece event just two years ago. 

They still have Stefan Kojic and Mihailo Vasic doing extraordinary things and you just know these Serbs love being written off. 

San Juan's young guns want to finish a remarkable debut season on a high and they just might if sniper Antonio Ralat continues his liking for big-time shots. 

Beijing will lean on superstar Nauris Miezis, who is a miracle worker at the World Tour Final having won Riga the title in style in 2020. 


Jeddah were the only team not to receive a vote, but the hosts can't be underestimated because their fans will be willing them on from the bleachers.