Which player is No.1 on offense in FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023?

MIES (Switzerland) - It's been a remarkable FIBA 3x3 World Tour season highlighted by scoring binges from some of the game's biggest stars.

We've seen so many absolutely unbelievable individual performances in the first third of this season. But who are the best offensive players on the World Tour? 

Let's find out the top four. Important note - players needed to have played at least eight games on the World Tour to qualify. 

1) Worthy de Jong (Amsterdam HIPRO)
17 games; 9.4 ppg, shooting efficiency 0.62, 14 dunks

The flying Dutchman has proven to be a scoring machine in his first full season on the World Tour.

Switching to Amsterdam has paid dividends for de Jong, who has become the team's alpha and taken them up a level.

The 6ft 4in (1.94m) de Jong is almost unstoppable when he has a head of steam, driving to the rim more than anyone else per game. 

It's a good strategy for this athletic marvel, who dunks almost every game in a season where he is averaging almost 10 ppg - basically Wilt Chamberlain numbers for 3x3. 

His masterpiece was an insane 59 points from 5 games at the Marseille Masters - the highest tally ever recorded at a World Tour event. 


2) Miroslav Pasajlic (Riga)
14 games; 8.1 ppg, shooting efficiency 0.64, 77% 1pt 

The 28-year-old Pasajlic is not exactly a breakout player - considering he's a former Masters and Europe Cup MVP - but he's gone up a level and is now a genuine superstar. 

The 6ft. 3in (1.9m) dynamo was often on the fringes with Ub and Liman, but at a new-look Riga - after the departures of superheroes Karlis Lasmanis and Nauris Miezis - he's relished the extra responsibility. 

Playing with a lot of emotion - like he has a point to prove - Pasajlic has been on fire recently capped by a 50-point explosion at the Prague Masters

He can score from anywhere on the half-court and there might not be anyone better with the Wilson when the game is on the line.


3) Karlis Lasmanis (Beijing)
12 games; 7.8 ppg, shooting efficiency 0.64

Like de Jong and Pasajlic, Lasmanis has thrived in new colors after an incredible debut season with Beijing. 

'Batman' has continued to represent one half of the dynamic superhero duo with sidekick Nauris Miezis. 

The Olympic gold medalist remains an inside and outside threat as he pours in baskets at will. 

The only thing missing for Lasmanis this season is Masters titles - do that and he can start challenging the next dude on this list as the game's best. 

4) Strahinja Stojacic (Ub Huishan NE)
30 games; 6.9 ppg, shooting efficiency 0.71, 13 dunks 

Part of unstoppable Ub's four-pronged attack, 'Doctor Strange' naturally has shared the scoring load with his fellow star teammates. 

But that has only made him more dangerous with Stojacic collecting a trio of Masters MVPs so far to underline his status as the game's top-ranked player. 

The 31-year-old Stojacic keeps getting better and he's wiser too  - knowing exactly the right moments to attack. He's also 3x3's ironman having played an insane 30 games on the World Tour - five more than anyone else. 

He might not be No.1 on this list, but Strahinja Stojacic remains the most effective all-round 3x3 player and the standard for all players to aspire to.