All we learned from FIBA 3x3 World Tour Prague Masters 2023

PRAGUE (Czech Republic) - The 10th edition of the FIBA 3x3 Prague Masters on August 5-6 lived up to the hype and continued this crazy World Tour season. 

Let's recap the action. 

Ub Huishan NE creates history

The GOAT! Is it official? With respect to Novi Sad - the great team of the 2010s - Ub just has to be rated the best to ever do it. 

After making it 6 of 6 in 2023 - we don't blame you if you need to reread that because it doesn't seem possible! - and defending their title in Prague, Ub created history after becoming the first team to win six Masters in a season. 

And we're only a third into the season!

Once again, it doesn't matter what changes they make because Ub always gets the job done. 

They didn't have Macau MVP Marko Brankovic here, but it didn't matter with Ub again unstoppable during an unbeaten campaign. 

The Serbs stormed to the final where they survived an onslaught from Miroslav Pasajlic to outlast old rivals Riga in a thriller.

As per usual, Ub were too good in the clutch and we just don't know how anyone can beat them right now on the big stage. 

It's been a team effort too with Ub boasting four different Masters MVPs this season. 

Given the increased talent in 3x3, what Ub is doing simply defies logic and makes them the GOAT. 

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The Prince of Prague

Ub legend Dejan Majstorovic is the most successful player ever to step on the half-court. He has conquered many places around the globe, but perhaps none more than Prague. 

After another ridiculous performance, where he captured MVP for the first time this season, Majstorovic won his fifth Masters title in Prague.

The 6ft. 7in (2.01m) sharpshooter has never looked better after leading player value (47.3) and finishing second in points (43), including racking up an insane 13 points in the final.

When the team needs him the most, the 'Maestro' always delivers and he did exactly that with big-time twos to down Riga in an epic decider. 

Ub and Novi Sad are the two best teams in 3x3 history. What's the common denominator? Their secret sauce is Dejan Majstorovic who knows nothing but success. 

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Pasajlic's heat check continues

Miroslav Pasajlic has been on an absolute heater since joining Riga, as he showed in Prague where he topped the scoring with an insane 50 points. 

The former Liman and Ub player has had a point to prove as he tries to ensure Riga - who lost superheroes Karlis Lasmanis and Nauris Miezis to Beijing - remain in the top tier. 

The dynamic sniper has been playing with a lot of passion, which carried over in Prague where he had one of the craziest games of the tournament with a triple-five of 13 points, 5 rebounds and 9 highlights against Paris.

Pasajlic shot 37% from two throughout and finished second in player value (45) to lead Riga to their best finish this season.

He's already won Masters and Europe Cup MVPs, but Pasajlic has taken his game up a level and now become consistently one of the very best players on the World Tour. 

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Beijing again fall short

It would have been extremely tough for superstars Karlis Lasmanis and Nauris Miezis to watch their former long-time teammate Edgars Krumins hit a crazy two-piece Maurice Lacroix Buzzer Beater. 

Krumins' heroics ended Beijing's run and meant they have been knocked out of all three Masters this season at the semi-finals. 

After a first up loss to Antwerp TOPdesk, Beijing appeared to be clicking into gear when they beat powerhouse Liman Huishan NE in an OT quarter-final thriller. 

Wenbo Lu's two-point Maurice Lacroix Buzzer Beater seemed to ignite them only for Beijing to then fall to Riga. 

There has been a lot of expectation over Beijing, who have mostly lived up to the hype but they won't feel satisfied until they break their Masters drought. 

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Szwed is on the rise 

There's a new dunker set to take the world by storm - his name is Bartosz Szwed who upstaged legendary Rafal Lipinski and Kristaps Dargais to take the crown. 

We've seen flashes of this Dane before, but Szwed went to a whole new level to take out the $4000 Chance Dunk Contest punctuated by a between the legs slam over three volunteers. 


10 for pretty Prague

Can you believe the World Tour has been held in Prague 10 times!

Time flies when you're having fun and that's exactly what we experience every time the World Tour lands in one of the prettiest cities on earth. 

This memorable event will be remembered as one of its best and - as one of 3x3's iconic destinations - the Prague Masters will no doubt be part of the World Tour for many years to come. 

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