Four 3x3 Teams where Bulut could land

NOVI SAD (Serbia) - Now that Novi Sad are splitting up, we know that Dejan Majstorovic and Marko Savic are heading to play with Ub. Tamas Ivosev may be done with 3x3 this season, leaving world #1 player Dusan Bulut, left without a certain 3x3 future. So, where will ‘Mr. Bulutproof’ land next? Let’s take a look at four teams which would be a nice fit for the number one 3x3 player in the world.


NY Harlem – 4th in World Rankings 

There have been many epic battles between NY Harlem and Novi Sad, with ‘Disco Domo’ Jones and Bulut firing like an old Western shootout. In 2020, NY Harlem lacked in the depth department, having to play with three players at the Doha Masters. Joey King was dominant down low, and Jones was once again dangerous with the rock, but they didn’t have a consistent number three scorer. Bulut can provide clutch shooting, and a chance for NY Harlem to stay dangerous when one of their two scoring options are off the floor. What if after spending his whole career beating U.S: teams, Bulut ended up joining one?


Amsterdam – 9th in World Rankings 

Bulut would be joining a team with plenty of World Tour experience, and a lot of talent. Could he be the missing piece to help them win their first Masters? He wouldn’t be doing it alone. Dimeo van der Horst was balling at the 2020 Debrecen Masters, helping them to a 5th place finish, including a 21-18 win over Bulut’s former squad. It came down to clutch shooting that sunk them in the end, one of Dusan’s many talents. Plus Amsterdam have shown in recent weeks that they were not shy to add foreign talent as they announced the recruitment of sharpshooter Maksim Kovacevic (ex-Liman).


Jeddah – 15th in World Rankings

Can you image Kevin Corre and Khalid Abdel-Gabar getting highlight reel passes from Bulut? Just thinking about it is makes us salivate. One of Jeddah’s biggest issues in 2020 was giving the ball away, and with a premiere ballhandler like Bulut who can draw the defense's attention, it would give Jeddah all sorts of offensive options. The highest that the team reached in 2020 was 4th at the Doha Masters, but their ceiling is higher and could be a great landing spot for the 4-time World Tour winner. The team had 2 Serbs on the roster in Nemanja Draskovic and Nebojsa Kilijan last season, making it a smooth transition for the man from Novi Sad.


Paris – 27th in World Rankings

If Bulut is looking for a team where he can take over the ball and make the biggest impact, it would be Paris. They only had one appearance on the World Tour in 2020. The team does have talent, including Angelo Tsagarakis and Raphael Wilson (No. 9 ranked player in France), but would require a lot of shot-making and offensive creativity. Bulut often said he enjoyed his time in Paris playing in Quai 54, how about spending the year in the French capital?



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