Stats Summary


  • Teams with most points scored: Riga (LAT) 21.2 ppg
  • Team with best shooting value: Utena Uniclub (LTU) 15.9 per game
  • Teams with fewer points conceded: Utena Uniclub (LTU) 13.8 per game
  • Teams with most highlights: Liman (SRB) 8.2 per game


  • Best Player Value: Stefan Stojacic (Liman, SRB) 35.9
  • Top Scorer: Stefan Kojic (Liman, SRB) and Edgars Krumins (Riga, LAT) 34
  • Top in Highlights: Stefan Kojic (Liman, SRB) 19
  • Most Blocked Shots: Kareem Maddox (Princeton, USA) 4
  • Most Key Assists: Stefan Kojic (Liman, SRB) 9
  • Top Rebounder: Kareem Maddox (Princeton, USA) 27

Tissot Stats

  • Buzzer Beaters: 2 - Kareem Maddox (Princeton, USA) and Karlis Lasmanis (Riga, LAT)
  • Fastest Game: Lausanne Katapult (SUI) vs. NY Harlem (USA) 5'19" playing time