Doha: Shoot-Out

Shoot-Out Contest

Player Team Score Time
Kostas Vasileiadis Lusail 13 46'9"
Ignas Vaitkus Utena Uniclub 9 48'3"
Dzemal Taletovic Bielefeld LFDY 9 49'7"
Kareem Maddox Princeton 7 52'
  • Final: Before the semi-finals on Day 2, the 4 qualified players attempt 18 shots from four different locations: five from the right wing (45° angle from the baseline), five from the top of the arc (same location as qualification phase), five from the left wing (45° from the baseline) and three from the 3x3 logo. Shots from around the arc are worth 1 point, while shots from the 3x3 logo are worth 2 points. In case of a tie (same points and time), the tied players shoot again.

  • Prize: 500USD

  • Participants: 1 player from each team

  • Qualifiers: Format: Each player attempts 10 shots (all worth one point): five from the right wing and five from the left wing (45º angle from the baseline) and with a 30" shot clock. The 2 men and 2 women who score the most points in the shortest amount of time advance to the final. In case of a tie (same points and time), the tied players shoot again.

Player Team Score Time
Turki Almuhanna Riyadh 4 29.6
Youssef Badr Ub 2 28.3
Kareem Maddox Princeton 6 27.8
Westher Molteni Lausanne Katapult 2 28.8
Joshua Munzon Manila Chooks TM 4 30
Szymon Rduch Jeddah 4 26.3
Ryutaro Otomo Kamakura NatureMade 1 30
Agnis Cavars Riga 4 25.1
Spencer Jennings Yoyogi Crayon.EXE 2 24.9
Dominique Jones NY Harlem 5 28.2
Stefan Kojic Liman 3 29.5
Dzemal Taletovic Bielefeld LFDY 6 28.8
Ignas Vaitkus Utena Uniclub 5 27.1
Kostas Vasileiadis Lusail 6 26.9