Top 12 players to watch at FIBA 3x3 World Tour Ustunomiya Final 2019

UTSUNOMIYA (Japan) - One player to keep an eye on for each one of the 12 participating teams at the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final 2019, which will take place in Utsunomiya, Japan on November 2-3,.

No one was hurt in the making of this list. But it was close. We will have 48 ballers in Japan this weekend. Make sure you already follow the next 12 on social media.

Nauris Miezis (Riga Ghetto)
No.4 scoring overall, No.2 highlights and No.2 assists.

He's no longer Robin. Maybe he's not even Batman. Perhaps he's the Joker because Miezis has been the baddest man on the planet since Riga Ghetto's superstar Karlis Lasmanis has been sidelined. With Flight KLM still grounded, Miezis has taken over and – remarkably – Riga Ghetto has not lost a beat and won last week's Jeddah Masters.

Miezis is now the No.1 ranked player in the world. As he's set to show the world in Utsunomiya, Nauris Miezis is no mere sidekick.

 Dusan Bulut (Novi Sad)
No.1 scoring average, No.3 in 1-point % and No.2 in Free Throw %

Expect anyone else? Even though Novi Sad haven't been as dominate this season, 3x3's most decorated player has still been up to his usual tricks. His flashy passes have more crazy angles than a Picasso painting.

Mr Bullutproof continues to be foolproof.


Stefan Kojic (Liman)
No.3 overall scoring, No.1 made 2s and No.1 assists

You could pick your poison with Liman who made every Masters event this season. But we've gone for Stefan Kojic who is more versatile than Joaquin Phoenix's acting chops. Need him to score? Check. Playmake? Check. Play tough D? Check.

Stefan Kojic is the glue that holds Liman together.

Dominique Jones (NY Harlem)
No.2 scoring average, No.2 highlights and No.2 in 2-point %

Dominique Jones has always been a natural born entertainer. But this season he took his game to another level and became a legit superstar. Disco Domo still pulls out fancier footwork than Jason Derulo, but his game has more substance now.

And, man, can he score. He heats up quicker than your old laptop.

He’s also a hazard. The player most likely to break an ankle? Disco Domo is first pick.

Marijus Uzupis (Sakiai Gulbele)
Equal 5th scoring average and Equal 5th in 2-point %

Sakiai Gulbele stormed into the Utsunomiya Final after a brilliant second half of the season where they became an emerging powerhouse. The main reason? Lethal lefty Marijus Uzupis who is a walking bucket, capable of scoring anywhere on the court.


Simon Finzgar (Piran)
No.2 blocks

The Sphinx might have an IQ higher than your iPhone passcode. He doesn't look particularly athletic but Finzgar is the second highest in blocks this season behind swat machine Marcel Esonwune.

That's due to his remarkable ability to read the play before anyone else. He might just be 3x3's Nostradamus.

The dude has been around since Ancient Egypt but on the court he continues to sit on top of the food pyramid.

 Robbie Hummel (Princeton)
Equal 5th scoring average and No.1 Free Throw %

There has been a power shift on the World Tour this year with North American teams challenging the might of Europe. And Princeton led by Robbie Hummel have come of age. The former Minnesota Timberwolves player has already shown he is born for the big stage.

Remember the FIBA 3x3 World Cup 2019 in June? If he's cooking, Princeton could well end up with the biggest prize of them all.


Steve Sir (Edmonton)
No.8 scoring average and Equal 4th in most made 2s

Sir is the king of all shooters. In the money time, he's got high blood in his veins. He's always there when it counts and shot better in college than JJ Redick from Duke. Give this gentleman the Nobel Two-Piece Prize. (disclaimer: we know we had that line in another story earlier this week but we're just too proud of it. Sorry.)

He’s the heart and soul of Edmonton's rise in their first season. And if you think all he does is shoot from long range, he'll gladly fake you off your shorts or beat you with the pocket pass.


Dimeo Van der Horst (Amsterdam)
Equal No.3 points per game and No.1 highlights

The Dutchman probably gets overlooked because Amsterdam are a little bit under the radar compared to some of the other teams. But Dime deserves more attention because he can drive to the basket like that kid in Baby Driver and no one has produced more highlights than him on the World Tour this season.

Bogdan Dragovic (Zemun)

Do I need to rehash your memory over the World Tour Final from two years ago? You know when Bogdan Dragovic aka the Dragon hit the most insane buzzer beater of all time.

Now that his injuries are ancient history, maybe he can bring back the shammgods and  once again breathe fire when it matters most.


Westher Molteni (Lausanne TNV)
Equal No.2 rebounds per game

The talented Swiss team is back on the World Tour Final and the high-flying Westher Molteni maybe had the best season of his career. Is his team a lock to finish in the Top 5? Probably not. But the Swiss star is a lock to make it to our Top 5 plays of the tournament. You thought Switzerland was famous for cheese and chocolate? Molteni is bringing Swiss quality to blocks and big dunks.



Khalid Abdel-Gabar (Jeddah)

Surprise packets Jeddah made the Utsunomiya Final after a strong backend to the season. This is a tough team to beat led by young gun Khalid Abdel-Gabar, who has shown tremendous leadership skills and can knock down big shots when Jeddah need him to deliver. Basketball had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 3x3 has Khalid Abdel-Gabar. And this dude's teardrops go higher than any of The Captain's sky hooks.



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