Kyle’s FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2019 season awards

MIES (Switzerland) - The biggest and best FIBA 3x3 World Tour season recently finished and what better way to celebrate than for the voice of 3x3 - Kyle Montgomery – to dish out his annual awards.

Here is a selection of Kyle's best picks.

Nobel Two Piece Price – Steve Sir (Edmonton)

Record shootout total (17 at the Chengdu Masters); No.2 made 2pt on World Tour (51); No.5 most attempts 2pt (153); 31%; Nanjing Masters MVP; Nanjing Masters winner 

Kyle’s view: "This is a no-brainer right here. Yes Sir, the Edmonton sniper. The six-time World Tour shootout winner - the record setter with 17 (in Chengdu). He's wetter than swim lessons. You can't leave Steve Sir open or he is going to cash in on you. He did it all year long."


The Minister of Defence Award - Marcel Esonwune (NY Harlem)

No.1 dunks (15); No.1 blocks (32, 1.5 per game); Lausanne Masters winner 

Kyle: "This dude protects the rim more fierce than the cell phone password. You just can't get in no matter what you try. He's got great length. He deters a player's route to the rim just because of his presence. He was a huge reason NY Harlem had so much success on the Tour this year."


Killer Crossover Award – Nauris Miezis (Riga Ghetto)

No.4 leading scorer (200 points); No.2 highlights (123); Doha/Prague/Jeddah Masters winner; Jeddah Masters MVP 

Kyle: "Nauris Miezis aka Robin aka Batman aka the Joker. There is no laughing matter when he has the crossover in front of you. He does it differently too. It's not just one, he hits you with the double cross."


Ice Water Award – Dominique Jones (NY Harlem)

Lausanne Masters MVP; Lausanne Masters winner; World Tour regular season MVP; No.3 points per game (7); No.4 highlights (90)

Kyle: "This award goes to the player who shows up in the biggest moments. Clutch. I think back to the Lausanne Masters that NY Harlem won. They were down by I think four or five points late against Nantes and this dude hit a two-piece with time running out to send it to overtime."


Who Got Next Award - Marijus Uzupis (Sakiai Gulbele)

Montreal Masters winner; Montreal Masters MVP; World Tour - 6.6p ppg

Kyle: "He’s not really a newbie to 3x3. He started way back in 2010 at the Youth Olympic Games but, man, this dude is the real deal. I gave him a nickname too – Uzi – because he be emptying the clip for whoever is in front of him. When you ask me who got next – Marijus Uzupis got next."


For all of Kyle's awards, click on the video below.




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