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Fastest Games

Playing time
1.NY Harlem USA vs. San Juan PURMontrealPool C game 121 - 1305:31
NY Harlem USA vs. San Juan PUR
2.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. NY Harlem USAMexico CityPool C game 319 - 2106:06
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. NY Harlem USA
3.Novi Sad SRB vs. NY Harlem USAMexico CityFinal game 121 - 1106:16
Novi Sad SRB vs. NY Harlem USA
4.Korolev RUS vs. NY Harlem USALausanneSemi-Final game 29 - 2106:18
Korolev RUS vs. NY Harlem USA
5.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Wst Melbourne Stateside AUSChengduPool C game 121 - 1706:29
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Wst Melbourne Stateside AUS
6.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Princeton USAPraguePool C game 315 - 2106:30
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Princeton USA
7.Liman SRB vs. Riga Ghetto LATDebrecenFinal game 121 - 1806:34
Liman SRB vs. Riga Ghetto LAT
8.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Oliva ARGMexico CityPool C game 122 - 1006:42
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Oliva ARG
9.Balanga Chooks PHI vs. Liman SRBDohaQuarter-Final game 49 - 2106:53
Balanga Chooks PHI vs. Liman SRB
10.Edmonton CAN vs. Lausanne SUIMontrealQuarter-Final game 421 - 606:55
Edmonton CAN vs. Lausanne SUI
11.Amsterdam NED vs. Dnipro UKRChengduPool D game 121 - 1307:07
Amsterdam NED vs. Dnipro UKR
12.Novi Sad SRB vs. Chengdu CHNChengduPool A game 122 - 1307:10
Novi Sad SRB vs. Chengdu CHN
13.Liman SRB vs. NY Harlem USADebrecenSemi-Final game 121 - 1607:11
Liman SRB vs. NY Harlem USA
14.Princeton USA vs. Liman SRBChengduQuarter-Final game 214 - 2107:13
Princeton USA vs. Liman SRB
15.Piran SLO vs. Vrbas SRBSaskatoonPool C game 321 - 1607:16
Piran SLO vs. Vrbas SRB
16.Vrbas SRB vs. Debrecen HUNDebrecenPool B game 221 - 1407:16
Vrbas SRB vs. Debrecen HUN
17.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Jeddah KSADebrecenSemi-Final game 221 - 1207:20
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Jeddah KSA
18.Novi Sad SRB vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTUMontrealSemi-Final game 119 - 2107:21
Novi Sad SRB vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTU
19.Piran SLO vs. Old Montreal CANSaskatoonPool C game 121 - 1107:25
Piran SLO vs. Old Montreal CAN
20.Princeton USA vs. NY Harlem USALausanneFinal game 115 - 2107:29
Princeton USA vs. NY Harlem USA
21.Edmonton CAN vs. San Juan PURMontrealPool C game 222 - 1407:30
Edmonton CAN vs. San Juan PUR
22.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Princeton USAPragueFinal game 121 - 1207:32
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Princeton USA
23.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Debrecen HUNDebrecenPool B game 121 - 1707:33
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Debrecen HUN
24.Piran SLO vs. Toronto Hyundai G CANMontrealPool D game 121 - 1207:40
Piran SLO vs. Toronto Hyundai G CAN
25.Liman SRB vs. Edmonton CANMexico CityPool B game 321 - 1207:41
Liman SRB vs. Edmonton CAN
26.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Novi Sad SRBChengduFinal game 114 - 2107:44
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Novi Sad SRB
27.Piran SLO vs. NY Harlem USADebrecenPool D game 314 - 2107:48
Piran SLO vs. NY Harlem USA
28.Šakiai Gulbelė LTU vs. Edmonton CANMontrealFinal game 121 - 1407:49
Šakiai Gulbelė LTU vs. Edmonton CAN
29.Vrbas SRB vs. Piran SLOSaskatoonFinal game 114 - 2107:51
Vrbas SRB vs. Piran SLO
30.Liman SRB vs. Edmonton CANMontrealSemi-Final game 214 - 2107:51
Liman SRB vs. Edmonton CAN
31.Liman SRB vs. Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy MGLLausannePool A game 122 - 1407:55
Liman SRB vs. Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy MGL
32.NY Harlem USA vs. Vrbas SRBDebrecenQuarter-Final game 221 - 1407:58
NY Harlem USA vs. Vrbas SRB
33.Liman SRB vs. Auckland NZLChengduPool B game 121 - 1907:59
Liman SRB vs. Auckland NZL
34.Pasig Chooks PHI vs. Katara QATDohaPool A game 221 - 1408:08
Pasig Chooks PHI vs. Katara QAT
35.Nantes Aderim FRA vs. Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy MGLLausannePool A game 221 - 1008:11
Nantes Aderim FRA vs. Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy MGL
36.Novi Sad SRB vs. Doha QATDohaPool B game 122 - 608:11
Novi Sad SRB vs. Doha QAT
37.Ljubljana SLO vs. Amsterdam NEDChengduQuarter-Final game 315 - 2208:12
Ljubljana SLO vs. Amsterdam NED
38.Novi Sad SRB vs. Humpolec Bernard CZEPraguePool A game 321 - 908:17
Novi Sad SRB vs. Humpolec Bernard CZE
39.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Vitez EcosRomari BIHPraguePool C game 122 - 1208:17
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Vitez EcosRomari BIH
40.Liman SRB vs. NY Harlem USAPraguePool B game 322 - 1208:17
Liman SRB vs. NY Harlem USA
41.NY Harlem USA vs. Nantes Aderim FRADebrecenPool D game 221 - 1508:20
NY Harlem USA vs. Nantes Aderim FRA
42.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Liman SRBChengduSemi-Final game 121 - 1608:20
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Liman SRB
43.Liman SRB vs. Princeton USAMexico CityQuarter-Final game 322 - 1608:24
Liman SRB vs. Princeton USA
44.Ljubljana SLO vs. Auckland NZLChengduPool B game 221 - 1608:25
Ljubljana SLO vs. Auckland NZL
45.Novi Sad SRB vs. The Hague NEDMexico CityPool A game 322 - 1208:27
Novi Sad SRB vs. The Hague NED
46.Amsterdam NED vs. Novi Sad SRBChengduSemi-Final game 218 - 2108:29
Amsterdam NED vs. Novi Sad SRB
47.Zemun SRB vs. Toronto Hyundai G CANMontrealPool D game 222 - 1108:35
Zemun SRB vs. Toronto Hyundai G CAN
48.Princeton USA vs. Barcelona NSNG Team ESPLausannePool D game 121 - 1908:35
Princeton USA vs. Barcelona NSNG Team ESP
49.Princeton USA vs. Vitez EcosRomari BIHPraguePool C game 222 - 1408:35
Princeton USA vs. Vitez EcosRomari BIH
50.Princeton USA vs. Mexico City MEXMexico CityPool D game 221 - 1908:39
Princeton USA vs. Mexico City MEX
51.Novi Sad SRB vs. Edmonton CANDebrecenPool A game 321 - 1608:40
Novi Sad SRB vs. Edmonton CAN
52.Edmonton CAN vs. Chengdu CHNChengduPool A game 221 - 1708:41
Edmonton CAN vs. Chengdu CHN
53.NY Harlem USA vs. Campinas BRAMexico CityQuarter-Final game 421 - 1708:42
NY Harlem USA vs. Campinas BRA
54.Piran SLO vs. Mount-Royal U McGill CANDohaPool D game 122 - 1308:43
Piran SLO vs. Mount-Royal U McGill CAN
55.Novi Sad SRB vs. NY Harlem USAMontrealQuarter-Final game 121 - 1508:46
Novi Sad SRB vs. NY Harlem USA
56.Lausanne SUI vs. Princeton USALausanneSemi-Final game 110 - 2208:48
Lausanne SUI vs. Princeton USA
57.Novi Sad SRB vs. Tokyo Dime JPNDohaPool B game 322 - 708:49
Novi Sad SRB vs. Tokyo Dime JPN
58.Liman SRB vs. Saskatoon CANSaskatoonPool A game 122 - 1808:49
Liman SRB vs. Saskatoon CAN
59.Amsterdam NED vs. Princeton USAChengduPool D game 315 - 2108:51
Amsterdam NED vs. Princeton USA
60.Novi Sad SRB vs. Campinas BRAMexico CityPool A game 122 - 1208:55
Novi Sad SRB vs. Campinas BRA
61.Liman SRB vs. São Paulo DC BRAMexico CityPool B game 121 - 1108:56
Liman SRB vs. São Paulo DC BRA
62.Novi Sad SRB vs. Old Montreal CANMontrealPool A game 121 - 1408:57
Novi Sad SRB vs. Old Montreal CAN
63.Piran SLO vs. The Hague NEDPraguePool D game 121 - 1208:58
Piran SLO vs. The Hague NED
64.NY Harlem USA vs. Lyon FRALausannePool C game 121 - 2009:00
NY Harlem USA vs. Lyon FRA
65.NY Harlem USA vs. Oliva ARGMexico CityPool C game 221 - 1709:01
NY Harlem USA vs. Oliva ARG
66.Liman SRB vs. Princeton USADebrecenPool C game 321 - 1709:04
Liman SRB vs. Princeton USA
67.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Nantes Aderim FRADebrecenQuarter-Final game 321 - 1909:20
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Nantes Aderim FRA
68.Zemun SRB vs. NY Harlem USAPragueQuarter-Final game 221 - 1909:20
Zemun SRB vs. NY Harlem USA
69.Edmonton CAN vs. Winnipeg AP CANSaskatoonPool B game 221 - 1309:21
Edmonton CAN vs. Winnipeg AP CAN
70.Liman SRB vs. Piran SLOMontrealQuarter-Final game 322 - 1309:29
Liman SRB vs. Piran SLO
71.Princeton USA vs. Dnipro UKRChengduPool D game 220 - 2209:31
Princeton USA vs. Dnipro UKR
72.Lausanne SUI vs. Old Montreal CANMontrealPool A game 221 - 1909:34
Lausanne SUI vs. Old Montreal CAN
73.Liman SRB vs. Katara QATDohaPool A game 122 - 1109:35
Liman SRB vs. Katara QAT
74.Piran SLO vs. Tokyo Dime JPNDohaQuarter-Final game 221 - 1509:35
Piran SLO vs. Tokyo Dime JPN
75.NY Harlem USA vs. Edmonton CANMontrealPool C game 319 - 2109:38
NY Harlem USA vs. Edmonton CAN
76.Liman SRB vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTUMontrealPool B game 321 - 2009:39
Liman SRB vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTU
77.Pasig Chooks PHI vs. Riga Ghetto LATDohaQuarter-Final game 115 - 2109:39
Pasig Chooks PHI vs. Riga Ghetto LAT
78.Zemun SRB vs. San Francisco 3BALL USASaskatoonPool D game 122 - 1409:39
Zemun SRB vs. San Francisco 3BALL USA
79.Vrbas SRB vs. Old Montreal CANSaskatoonPool C game 221 - 1709:40
Vrbas SRB vs. Old Montreal CAN
80.Gagarin RUS vs. Wst Melbourne Stateside AUSChengduPool C game 221 - 909:41
Gagarin RUS vs. Wst Melbourne Stateside AUS
81.Amsterdam NED vs. Princeton USAMexico CityPool D game 321 - 1909:43
Amsterdam NED vs. Princeton USA
82.Novi Sad SRB vs. Lausanne SUIMontrealPool A game 321 - 1309:43
Novi Sad SRB vs. Lausanne SUI
83.Liman SRB vs. Belgrade SRBPraguePool B game 121 - 1609:44
Liman SRB vs. Belgrade SRB
84.Novi Sad SRB vs. Amsterdam NEDMexico CitySemi-Final game 121 - 1309:45
Novi Sad SRB vs. Amsterdam NED
85.Liman SRB vs. NY Harlem USAMexico CitySemi-Final game 218 - 2109:47
Liman SRB vs. NY Harlem USA
86.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Zemun SRBPragueSemi-Final game 121 - 1609:47
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Zemun SRB
87.Piran SLO vs. Utsunomiya JPNLausannePool B game 122 - 1409:49
Piran SLO vs. Utsunomiya JPN
88.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Piran SLODohaSemi-Final game 121 - 1409:53
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Piran SLO
89.Liman SRB vs. Piran SLOPragueQuarter-Final game 315 - 2209:56
Liman SRB vs. Piran SLO
90.San Francisco 3BALL USA vs. Piran SLOSaskatoonSemi-Final game 219 - 2109:58
San Francisco 3BALL USA vs. Piran SLO
91.Novi Sad SRB vs. Riga Ghetto LATMexico CityQuarter-Final game 121 - 1309:59
Novi Sad SRB vs. Riga Ghetto LAT
92.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Balanga Chooks PHIDohaPool C game 117 - 1910:00
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Balanga Chooks PHI
93.Tokyo Dime JPN vs. Doha QATDohaPool B game 219 - 1310:00
Tokyo Dime JPN vs. Doha QAT
94.Ljubljana SLO vs. Mount-Royal U McGill CANDohaPool D game 217 - 1210:00
Ljubljana SLO vs. Mount-Royal U McGill CAN
95.Liman SRB vs. Pasig Chooks PHIDohaPool A game 316 - 1910:00
Liman SRB vs. Pasig Chooks PHI
96.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Moscow Inanomo RUSDohaPool C game 317 - 1210:00
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Moscow Inanomo RUS
97.Piran SLO vs. Ljubljana SLODohaPool D game 320 - 1610:00
Piran SLO vs. Ljubljana SLO
98.Novi Sad SRB vs. Ljubljana SLODohaQuarter-Final game 318 - 1310:00
Novi Sad SRB vs. Ljubljana SLO
99.Novi Sad SRB vs. Liman SRBDohaSemi-Final game 217 - 2010:00
Novi Sad SRB vs. Liman SRB
100.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Liman SRBDohaFinal game 115 - 1410:00
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Liman SRB
101.Novi Sad SRB vs. Edmonton CANChengduPool A game 316 - 1710:00
Novi Sad SRB vs. Edmonton CAN
102.Liman SRB vs. Ljubljana SLOChengduPool B game 318 - 2010:00
Liman SRB vs. Ljubljana SLO
103.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Gagarin RUSChengduPool C game 316 - 1810:00
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Gagarin RUS
104.Gagarin RUS vs. Novi Sad SRBChengduQuarter-Final game 414 - 1810:00
Gagarin RUS vs. Novi Sad SRB
105.Amsterdam NED vs. Mexico City MEXMexico CityPool D game 120 - 1810:00
Amsterdam NED vs. Mexico City MEX
106.The Hague NED vs. Campinas BRAMexico CityPool A game 215 - 1810:00
The Hague NED vs. Campinas BRA
107.Edmonton CAN vs. São Paulo DC BRAMexico CityPool B game 219 - 1310:00
Edmonton CAN vs. São Paulo DC BRA
108.Amsterdam NED vs. Edmonton CANMexico CityQuarter-Final game 217 - 1410:00
Amsterdam NED vs. Edmonton CAN
109.Liman SRB vs. Kranj SLOSaskatoonPool A game 314 - 1010:00
Liman SRB vs. Kranj SLO
110.Amsterdam NED vs. Edmonton CANSaskatoonPool B game 311 - 2010:00
Amsterdam NED vs. Edmonton CAN
111.Zemun SRB vs. Princeton USASaskatoonPool D game 314 - 1010:00
Zemun SRB vs. Princeton USA
112.Kranj SLO vs. Saskatoon CANSaskatoonPool A game 216 - 1410:00
Kranj SLO vs. Saskatoon CAN
113.Princeton USA vs. San Francisco 3BALL USASaskatoonPool D game 212 - 1410:00
Princeton USA vs. San Francisco 3BALL USA
114.Zemun SRB vs. Amsterdam NEDSaskatoonQuarter-Final game 212 - 1510:00
Zemun SRB vs. Amsterdam NED
115.Edmonton CAN vs. San Francisco 3BALL USASaskatoonQuarter-Final game 315 - 2010:00
Edmonton CAN vs. San Francisco 3BALL USA
116.Piran SLO vs. Kranj SLOSaskatoonQuarter-Final game 419 - 1710:00
Piran SLO vs. Kranj SLO
117.Piran SLO vs. Zemun SRBPraguePool D game 313 - 1510:00
Piran SLO vs. Zemun SRB
118.Novi Sad SRB vs. Ventspils Ghetto LATPraguePool A game 113 - 1010:00
Novi Sad SRB vs. Ventspils Ghetto LAT
119.Humpolec Bernard CZE vs. Ventspils Ghetto LATPraguePool A game 215 - 1110:00
Humpolec Bernard CZE vs. Ventspils Ghetto LAT
120.NY Harlem USA vs. Belgrade SRBPraguePool B game 220 - 1910:00
NY Harlem USA vs. Belgrade SRB
121.Zemun SRB vs. The Hague NEDPraguePool D game 219 - 1810:00
Zemun SRB vs. The Hague NED
122.Novi Sad SRB vs. Riga Ghetto LATPragueQuarter-Final game 118 - 1910:00
Novi Sad SRB vs. Riga Ghetto LAT
123.Piran SLO vs. Princeton USAPragueSemi-Final game 214 - 2010:00
Piran SLO vs. Princeton USA
124.Liman SRB vs. Nantes Aderim FRALausannePool A game 321 - 1810:00
Liman SRB vs. Nantes Aderim FRA
125.Piran SLO vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTULausannePool B game 313 - 1210:00
Piran SLO vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTU
126.NY Harlem USA vs. Lausanne SUILausannePool C game 317 - 1610:00
NY Harlem USA vs. Lausanne SUI
127.Princeton USA vs. Korolev RUSLausannePool D game 315 - 1310:00
Princeton USA vs. Korolev RUS
128.Šakiai Gulbelė LTU vs. Utsunomiya JPNLausannePool B game 220 - 1110:00
Šakiai Gulbelė LTU vs. Utsunomiya JPN
129.Lausanne SUI vs. Lyon FRALausannePool C game 219 - 1410:00
Lausanne SUI vs. Lyon FRA
130.Korolev RUS vs. Barcelona NSNG Team ESPLausannePool D game 216 - 1410:00
Korolev RUS vs. Barcelona NSNG Team ESP
131.Liman SRB vs. Lausanne SUILausanneQuarter-Final game 110 - 1110:00
Liman SRB vs. Lausanne SUI
132.Princeton USA vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTULausanneQuarter-Final game 212 - 1110:00
Princeton USA vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTU
133.Piran SLO vs. Korolev RUSLausanneQuarter-Final game 314 - 1810:00
Piran SLO vs. Korolev RUS
134.Novi Sad SRB vs. Gagarin RUSDebrecenPool A game 119 - 1510:00
Novi Sad SRB vs. Gagarin RUS
135.Liman SRB vs. Jeddah KSADebrecenPool C game 115 - 1710:00
Liman SRB vs. Jeddah KSA
136.Edmonton CAN vs. Gagarin RUSDebrecenPool A game 213 - 1510:00
Edmonton CAN vs. Gagarin RUS
137.Princeton USA vs. Jeddah KSADebrecenPool C game 214 - 2010:00
Princeton USA vs. Jeddah KSA
138.Novi Sad SRB vs. Liman SRBDebrecenQuarter-Final game 117 - 2010:00
Novi Sad SRB vs. Liman SRB
139.Jeddah KSA vs. Gagarin RUSDebrecenQuarter-Final game 421 - 1610:00
Jeddah KSA vs. Gagarin RUS
140.Piran SLO vs. Zemun SRBMontrealPool D game 314 - 1610:00
Piran SLO vs. Zemun SRB
141.Liman SRB vs. São Paulo DC BRAMontrealPool B game 115 - 1810:00
Liman SRB vs. São Paulo DC BRA
142.Zemun SRB vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTUMontrealQuarter-Final game 212 - 2010:00
Zemun SRB vs. Šakiai Gulbelė LTU
143.NY Harlem USA vs. Nantes Aderim FRALausanneQuarter-Final game 420 - 1810:09
NY Harlem USA vs. Nantes Aderim FRA
144.Edmonton CAN vs. Riga Ghetto LATChengduQuarter-Final game 119 - 2010:22
Edmonton CAN vs. Riga Ghetto LAT
145.Šakiai Gulbelė LTU vs. São Paulo DC BRAMontrealPool B game 213 - 1110:47
Šakiai Gulbelė LTU vs. São Paulo DC BRA
146.Vrbas SRB vs. Amsterdam NEDSaskatoonSemi-Final game 119 - 1811:21
Vrbas SRB vs. Amsterdam NED
147.Piran SLO vs. Nantes Aderim FRADebrecenPool D game 118 - 1911:38
Piran SLO vs. Nantes Aderim FRA
148.Liman SRB vs. Vrbas SRBSaskatoonQuarter-Final game 115 - 1711:49
Liman SRB vs. Vrbas SRB
149.Moscow Inanomo RUS vs. Balanga Chooks PHIDohaPool C game 219 - 2012:20
Moscow Inanomo RUS vs. Balanga Chooks PHI
150.Amsterdam NED vs. Winnipeg AP CANSaskatoonPool B game 113 - 1213:06
Amsterdam NED vs. Winnipeg AP CAN
151.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Vrbas SRBDebrecenPool B game 317 - 1513:22
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Vrbas SRB
152.Princeton USA vs. Humpolec Bernard CZEPragueQuarter-Final game 421 - 1815:06
Princeton USA vs. Humpolec Bernard CZE