FIBA 3x3 World Tour Montreal Masters FAQ: Why should they be afraid of Sakiai Gulbelé?

MONTREAL (Canada) – An FAQ about what will make the 1st-ever edition of the Montreal Masters a TV must-watch on September 7-8, 2019.

Why are you guys leading on Team Sakiai Gulbelé (LTU) who played just once at the World Tour before?

Gutsy I know. But Sakiai impressed in Lausanne and should have beaten Princeton if not for an unfortunate defensive mental lapse and a cold-blooded Tissot Buzzer Beater. Besides that, the same 4 players were big time when they represented Lithuania at the FIBA 3x3 Europe Cup last week. They won bronze, went 4-1 and only lost an absolute thriller against Serbia in the semi-finals.

I heard Debrecen had 9 of the best 11 teams in the world. Is Montreal gonna be as loaded?

Absolutely. How do you like the sound of 4 of the top 5 teams in the world? Novi Sad, Liman, NY Harlem and Piran will all be in Canada this weekend. Every one of them have won a Masters this season (2 for Novi Sad). In total, 8 of the Top 15 teams are coming to Montreal. 

We know Novi Sad won the World Tour 3 times but I read more former winners will be there. True or false?

True. The 2017 winners Zemun make their World Tour debut this season in Montreal. For the 37th time, here’s the video of Bogdan Dragovic’s Tissot Buzzer Beater. But there’s more. Back in 2012, San Juan won the 1st edition of the World Tour in Miami. 2019 will mark the first time former winner Jonathan Garcia comes back to the World Tour under the name Team San Juan. In fact, Ljubljana will be the only former winners missing in Montreal. 

Are there any local Canadian teams? And if yes, do they even stand a chance against all these former winners and best-ranked teams in the world?

There will be 3 Canadian teams in Québec.

Edmonton have been outstanding in challengers (win in Nanjing, finals in Penang and Bucharest) and have climbed to 11th overall in the rankings. However, they have struggled on the bigger stage. In 4 attempts, they have not yet managed to reach the semi-finals. Buuuut one of their best players (Jordan Baker) will make his return to the roster in Montreal. Enough to flip the switch?

Toronto will feature 2 players (Alex ‘Superman’ Johnson and Tramar Sutherland) who led Montreal to the quarter-finals of the Saskatoon Masters last year. Their new team dominated the Canada Quest. Only thing is they will start off in Pool D with two Top 10 teams in the world (Piran and Zemun) with plenty of kryptonite.

Last but least, Old Montreal are back at the World Tour after finishing 10th in Saskatoon this year and will bank on the local support and fresh legs to beat a bunch of superteams who travelled the world to be in Montreal.


The 3x3 tournament is cool and stuff but is there more?

Plenty more.

Some of the best athletes in the world will participate in the dunk contest. Justin Darlington is one of the godfathers of dunk, Doug Anderson dunks harder than anyone else in the business and Isaiah Rivera is the new YouTube sensation. Ever since he colored his hair red, dude has been doing science fiction dunks.

Montreal will also play host to the 12th stop of the Women’s Series with some of the best female teams in the world. Canada are currently ranked 2nd and will look to bridge the gap with France at home thanks to twin sisters Katherine and Michelle Plouffe. Plus, some of the best in the world in USA, Poland, Japan and many more.

The World Dance Sport Federation is back. If you liked the breakdance competition at the Lausanne Masters, you’re gonna love the Montreal event. We’ll have some of the best b-boys in the world. We’ll even have dudes coming all the way from Peru! Shout-out to our man dosu.

There’s so much more but we have a character count here so I’d better stop now.

Ok ok you convinced me. Where and when do I watch this thing?

You can watch live on the official FIBA 3x3 Channel on YouTube and Facebook. The Women’s Series start today and finish on Saturday, September 7 while the World Tour begins on Saturday and finishes on Sunday, September 8. More information on the Women’s Series and the World Tour website.

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