Fastest Games

Playing time
1.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. NY Harlem USAPool C game 319 - 2106:06
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. NY Harlem USA
2.Novi Sad SRB vs. NY Harlem USAFinal game 121 - 1106:16
Novi Sad SRB vs. NY Harlem USA
3.Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Oliva ARGPool C game 122 - 1006:42
Riga Ghetto LAT vs. Oliva ARG
4.Liman SRB vs. Edmonton CANPool B game 321 - 1207:41
Liman SRB vs. Edmonton CAN
5.Liman SRB vs. Princeton USAQuarter-Final game 322 - 1608:24
Liman SRB vs. Princeton USA
6.Novi Sad SRB vs. The Hague NEDPool A game 322 - 1208:27
Novi Sad SRB vs. The Hague NED
7.Princeton USA vs. Mexico City MEXPool D game 221 - 1908:39
Princeton USA vs. Mexico City MEX
8.NY Harlem USA vs. Campinas BRAQuarter-Final game 421 - 1708:42
NY Harlem USA vs. Campinas BRA
9.Novi Sad SRB vs. Campinas BRAPool A game 122 - 1208:55
Novi Sad SRB vs. Campinas BRA
10.Liman SRB vs. São Paulo DC BRAPool B game 121 - 1108:56
Liman SRB vs. São Paulo DC BRA
11.NY Harlem USA vs. Oliva ARGPool C game 221 - 1709:01
NY Harlem USA vs. Oliva ARG
12.Amsterdam NED vs. Princeton USAPool D game 321 - 1909:43
Amsterdam NED vs. Princeton USA
13.Novi Sad SRB vs. Amsterdam NEDSemi-Final game 121 - 1309:45
Novi Sad SRB vs. Amsterdam NED
14.Liman SRB vs. NY Harlem USASemi-Final game 218 - 2109:47
Liman SRB vs. NY Harlem USA
15.Novi Sad SRB vs. Riga Ghetto LATQuarter-Final game 121 - 1309:59
Novi Sad SRB vs. Riga Ghetto LAT
16.Amsterdam NED vs. Mexico City MEXPool D game 120 - 1810:00
Amsterdam NED vs. Mexico City MEX
17.The Hague NED vs. Campinas BRAPool A game 215 - 1810:00
The Hague NED vs. Campinas BRA
18.Edmonton CAN vs. São Paulo DC BRAPool B game 219 - 1310:00
Edmonton CAN vs. São Paulo DC BRA
19.Amsterdam NED vs. Edmonton CANQuarter-Final game 217 - 1410:00
Amsterdam NED vs. Edmonton CAN