Top 10 Players to Watch at FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2018

SASKATOON (FIBA 3x3 World Tour) -  They’re the stars of 3x3, the ones who’ll turn the World Tour upside down this year and will make the headlines at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Introducing the 10 players to watch at the World Tour 2018.

Nobody’s won more 3x3 trophies than Team Novi Sad and Dusan Bulut. Dude’s got more titles than the Queen of England. He breaks ankles for a living, can score in every position. It seems at every event MrBulutproof is on fire.

Gotta fight fire with fire. And the best weapon is The Dragon, Bogdan Dragovic. The Serbian star from Team Zemun has a mean shammgod and can catch fire from outside the arc at any time. But especially to beat the buzzer at the World Tour Final. Brrrr goosebumps.

Most. Insane .Game-Winner. Ever #3x3WT

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Dulgunn Enkhbat is the proof that Asian players can dominate European teams in 3x3. Can the Mongolian star lead Ulaanbaatar to the World Tour Final this year like Genghis? Yes he Khan.

Maybe he always looks like he just walked out of bed but if you throw him an alley-oop, Simon Finzgar will jump out like breakfast is ready. We call him the Sphinx cause he may look human to you but to his defenders he’s the king of the jungle. 

He’s the king of the trash talk. Michael ‘Money in the Bank’ Hicks has the biggest mouth since the guy from Aerosmith. Just don’t let the Polish star sink a two-pointer in your face or you’ll get his signature sprinkling celebration. 

Nobody dunks the ball harder than Natan Jurkovitz. When the Swiss star gets rolling on these pick and rolls, he the 23-year-old gets so high, we had no choice but to call him Swiss Khalifa. We didn’t have a choice!

Speaking of high-flyers, Karlis Lasmanis’s got more bunnies than Easter weekend. The 24-year-old Latvian has an unstoppable left hand and his 2-point shot is as good as chocolate. Now can he lead his team Riga to their 1st World Tour trophy? 

No way we sleep on the number 1 player in the world. Dejan Majstorovic ain’t dunking on nobody. But there’s not a smarter player without the ball and a better shooter in the business. It’s almost unfair Novi Sad have both Maestro and Bulut (and Savic!) on the same team. 

The fresh Prince of Princeton Dan Mavraides is making America great again. The man can shoot and is a walking bucket. And our female audience multiplies by 6 everytime he flashes his 6 pack.

Last but not least, he was the MVP of the World Tour regular season last year. There are so many Stefan Stojacic stories: the time he shut down a young Chef Curry, that time he made Adin Kavgic and Jesper Jobse breakdance. His skills are not human, we call him Mister Robot. 



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