Delhi 3BL confirm Final aspirations on Day 1 at FIBA 3x3 World Tour Penang Masters

PENANG (FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2018) - Delhi 3BL (IND) had a perfect 2-0 record on Day 1 at the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Penang Masters 2018  on October 13.

Delhi 3BL are peaking at the right time this season. The Indian powerhouse beat both Melbourne i-Athletic  (AUS)19-14 and last year's World Tour winners Zemun (SRB) 21-19 to top Pool C. Sharpshooter Kiran Shastri had a team-high 15 points. To qualify for the Bloomage Beijing Final, Delhi 3BL will have to start by beating Kranj (SLO) in the quarter finals. If they reach the final in Penang, they are a lock to make it to China and can still make it if they finish 3rd. 

No less than 10 teams had already secured their ticket to the Bloomage Beijing Final before Penang and there are just 5 teams remaining for the last 2 tickets. After both Delhi 3BL and Ralja Intergalactic (SRB) advanced to the quarter finals, Team Belgrade (SRB) are officially out of the race.

The current favorites to go to Beijing are Gagarin (RUS), the only one of these 5 teams who are NOT playing in Penang. They are ranked 11th in the World Tour standings at the moment with 150 points with a comfortable cushion over their direct rivals. The other 2 teams who can still stamp their ticket to Beijing are NY Harlem 3Ball USA (USA) and Kranj (SLO), who also both qualified for the quarter finals on Day 1.

Bloomage Beijing Final Race (Virtual Standings)

2 tickets for 5 teams

11. Gagarin (RUS) 150 points
12. Belgrade (SRB) 115 points*
-      Delhi 3BL (IND) 115 points guaranteed**
-      Ralja Intergalatic (SRB) 115 points guaranteed**
15. NY Harlem 3Ball USA (USA) 85 points guaranteed**
19. Kranj (SLO) 69 points guaranteed**

*Belgrade are out since one of Delhi 3BL or Ralja Intergalatic (SRB) will finish at least 7th and score a minimum of 40 points in Penang, lifting their total points to at least 120 points on the season.
**8th place at a Masters brings 35 points. For this simulation, each one of these 4 teams were added 35 points to their season total

Ralja Intergalatic (SRB) were the only one of these bubble teams not to play their 2 games after their clash versus Princeton (USA) was postponed to tomorrow due to rain. They nonetheless already secured their quarter final spot after Dongguan (CHN) lost their 2 games in Pool D.

NY Harlem 3Ball USA  got a bit of a scare in Pool B after dropping their opener against Piran (SLO) (17-21) and winning an absolute thriller against The Hague (NED) (21-19). The US team redeemed itself with their contribution to the top 5 plays video. 

In Pool A, Kranj (SLO) are still in the race after beating Tachikawa (JPN) (22-11) and clinching their spot in the quarter finals. They could not stop the number 1 seed Liman Tesla Voda (SRB) though, who are looking at a 3rd Masters title this year in Penang. Two of their players were tied at the top of the scoring charts: 'Mister Robot' Stefan Stojacic and Mihailo Vasic (with 17 points).

The action will resume tomorrow Sunday with the last pool game between Princeton (USA) or Ralja Intergalatic (SRB) at 12.30pm local time (GMT+8).

Liman Tesla Voda (SRB) v Zemun (SRB)
Princeton (USA) or Ralja Intergalatic (SRB) v NY Harlem 3Ball USA (USA)
Piran (SLO) v Princeton (USA) or Ralja Intergalatic (SRB)
Delhi 3BL (IND) v Kranj (SLO)

In the shoot-out contest, Rhys Carter (Melbourne i-Athletic, AUS),  Bogdan Dragovic (Zemun, SRB), Dominique Jones (NY Harlem 3Ball USA, USA) and Hieronymus van der List (The Hague, NED) advanced to the final.