Top 6 reasons to follow the 3x3 World Tour Saskatoon Masters 2017

SASKATOON (FIBA 3x3 World Tour) - The FIBA 3x3 World Tour is back! The first Masters of the professional season takes place in Saskatoon, Canada on July 15-16 and and we give you 6 reasons to follow the action live from the Paris of the Prairies!

At 1, we start with the local heroes. Team Saskatoon (CAN) won 3x3 tournaments all over the Planet. And now they’re playing on their own turf in front of their fans and family? Don’t look elsewhere for the arch-favorites.

Unless… At 2, we thought and had a flash. O’Neil Flash Gordon. A slasher who was on the Saskatoon team that finished 2nd overall in 2014 and now – mask off – is playing for rivals Team Winnipeg (CAN). Somebody’s looking for reveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenge? How about Winnipeg for the win?

Unless… crazy to think we waited till 3 to mention that Ljubljana (SLO), the reigning champs are in town. You know winter is coming when Jasmin 'Ice Man' Hercegovac steps on the 3x3 court. Can Ljubljana book their ticket to the Bloomage Beijing Final on their 1st attempt? 

Except… At 4, there’s a team here that beat Ljubljana twice in 2017 already. Remember Stefan Stojacic, the guy who once shut down Steph Curry? He’s bringing his Liman team out of Serbia to a whole new level this year. They beat all the best teams in the world in the spring. Can’t rule them out in Saskatoon.

Did we mention last year’s World Tour finalists Hamamatsu are here? How about Team NY Harlem and their leader Disco Domo? It won’t be long till he makes his defenders do splits on the court like Jean-Claude Van Damme. Speaking of big guns, Dan Mavraides is back! The US national team star is bringing his sweet stroke and his abs to the World Tour. If Canada's finest Drake is the 6 God, Mavraides is the 6 Pack.

Speaking of 6, our last pick goes to another Canadian, who will light up the dunk contest. The Cartwheel of Steel Justin Darlington is back at the World Tour with more hops than Super Mario.

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