Bulut comes back to Japan with appetite for more wins

UTSUNOMIYA (FIBA 3x3 World Tour) – The number one 3x3 player in the world Dusan Domovic Bulut says his team Novi Sad Al Wahda (UAE) make their return to Japan with great memories, confidence and an appetite for sushi as they prepare for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Utsunomiya Masters on 30-31 July.

FIBA.com/3x3: Back to back wins in the Lipik and Moscow Challengers, that's a good way to prepare for the World Tour season. How is the team?

Dusan Bulut: That's a perfect way! To play at high level events and win, it's great for confidence and team chemistry.

FIBA.com/3x3: You had to do a lot of the preparation without Marko Savic because of a thigh injury? How big of a challenge was this and how is he now?

DB: It was a tough month with a lot of problems but we are over that now. He is in competitive mode and that is all that matters.

FIBA.com/3x3: Last time you were in Japan, it was for the first of your World Tour title, what are the memories of this experience to this day?

DB: After the 2012 World Championships title memory, this is second best and maybe the proudest one. We put a lot of work that season and to come with win in the end, it really showed that hard work pays off.

FIBA.com/3x3: What are the things that you are looking forward the most in Japan?

DB: To be honest…. the sushi!

FIBA.com/3x3: What do you think of your pool and the overall level at the Utsunomiya Masters?

DB: Awesome! That's what every pro athlete wants: compete with the best, day in and day out. That's how we grow and progress.

FIBA.com/3x3: You've already qualified for the 3 Masters. Are you on point with your early season objectives?

DB: Yes, everything on schedule. But far from over.

FIBA.com/3x3: A three-peat is the difference between domination and dynasty. What are you willing to do to win the World Tour 3 years in a row?

DB: I am putting my life here. What are the other teams bringing to the table?