Fastest Games

Playing time
1.Riga LAT vs. NS Liman SRBSemi-Final game 18 - 2105:56
Riga LAT vs. NS Liman SRB
2.NS Liman SRB vs. Andorra ANDPool C game 222 - 606:27
NS Liman SRB vs. Andorra AND
3.NS Liman SRB vs. Kranj SLOFinal game 121 - 1406:40
NS Liman SRB vs. Kranj SLO
4.Peruga ITA vs. Lausanne SUIPool B game 311 - 2107:13
Peruga ITA vs. Lausanne SUI
5.Riga LAT vs. Utrecht NEDPool A game 322 - 607:28
Riga LAT vs. Utrecht NED
6.Utrecht NED vs. Kranj SLOPool A game 616 - 2208:01
Utrecht NED vs. Kranj SLO
7.Split CRO vs. Zurich SUIPool D game 221 - 1809:02
Split CRO vs. Zurich SUI
8.NS Liman SRB vs. Luzern SUIQuarter-Final game 221 - 1509:07
NS Liman SRB vs. Luzern SUI
9.NS Liman SRB vs. Amstetten AUTPool C game 519 - 909:08
NS Liman SRB vs. Amstetten AUT
10.Amsterdam NED vs. NS Liman SRBPool C game 413 - 2109:10
Amsterdam NED vs. NS Liman SRB
11.Zlatibor SRB vs. Utrecht NEDPool A game 222 - 809:12
Zlatibor SRB vs. Utrecht NED
12.Split CRO vs. Lugano SUIPool D game 521 - 1809:18
Split CRO vs. Lugano SUI
13.Kolobrzeg POL vs. Luzern SUIPool B game 421 - 1509:37
Kolobrzeg POL vs. Luzern SUI
14.Kolobrzeg POL vs. Amsterdam NEDQuarter-Final game 38 - 2109:38
Kolobrzeg POL vs. Amsterdam NED
15.Kranj SLO vs. Riga LATPool A game 119 - 2010:00
Kranj SLO vs. Riga LAT
16.Roma ITA vs. Lugano SUIPool D game 111 - 1810:00
Roma ITA vs. Lugano SUI
17.Luzern SUI vs. Lausanne SUIPool B game 213 - 1210:00
Luzern SUI vs. Lausanne SUI
18.Kolobrzeg POL vs. Peruga ITAPool B game 120 - 1410:00
Kolobrzeg POL vs. Peruga ITA
19.Amsterdam NED vs. Amstetten AUTPool C game 120 - 1310:00
Amsterdam NED vs. Amstetten AUT
20.Kranj SLO vs. Zlatibor SRBPool A game 420 - 1210:00
Kranj SLO vs. Zlatibor SRB
21.Lugano SUI vs. Zurich SUIPool D game 320 - 1610:00
Lugano SUI vs. Zurich SUI
22.Roma ITA vs. Split CROPool D game 417 - 1510:00
Roma ITA vs. Split CRO
23.Amstetten AUT vs. Andorra ANDPool C game 316 - 1310:00
Amstetten AUT vs. Andorra AND
24.Zlatibor SRB vs. Riga LATPool A game 511 - 2010:00
Zlatibor SRB vs. Riga LAT
25.Zurich SUI vs. Roma ITAPool D game 622 - 1910:00
Zurich SUI vs. Roma ITA
26.Luzern SUI vs. Peruga ITAPool B game 517 - 1510:00
Luzern SUI vs. Peruga ITA
27.Lausanne SUI vs. Kolobrzeg POLPool B game 616 - 1710:00
Lausanne SUI vs. Kolobrzeg POL
28.Andorra AND vs. Amsterdam NEDPool C game 610 - 1710:00
Andorra AND vs. Amsterdam NED
29.Riga LAT vs. Lugano SUIQuarter-Final game 116 - 1010:00
Riga LAT vs. Lugano SUI
30.Split CRO vs. Kranj SLOQuarter-Final game 417 - 2010:00
Split CRO vs. Kranj SLO
31.Amsterdam NED vs. Kranj SLOSemi-Final game 217 - 1810:00
Amsterdam NED vs. Kranj SLO